Why we get hired

We love design and architecture

At B&V, we look at projects with the same passion and purpose as our clients. We understand and appreciate what clients want to achieve — an insight that delivers better results. And with a building team that has solid roots in architecture, we bridge the gap from paper to structure without compromise, choreographing every detail along the way to ensure success.

Our vision is singular: Bring your dream to life on time, on budget and without compromise.

We begin each build by identifying the objectives of everyone involved — client, architect and designer. Combined with our desire for excellence, we use these objectives as the guide for decision-making to deliver the dream.

Our years in the industry allow us to create the experience clients’ want. Thanks to our skilled management team and site managers, we see potential problems first and know how to circumvent them with real Solutions that meet design objectives while keeping the project moving forward and on time.

Years in the field have enabled us to establish key relationships and to develop a go-to guide of Solutions that allow us to offer alternative construction techniques, materials or cost-saving options without making concessions on design integrity.

A word from our clients

“Thank you again very much for the excellent experience we’ve had working with your people this past couple of years. It’s been a long, multi-faceted, complicated job and, despite that, a thoroughly enjoyable experience because of your people. The B&V crew have been among the most conscientious and competent people I’ve worked with. Their dedication and reliability have been beyond belief.” – Dennis Cook, SvN Architects + Planners

“You are the best. No kidding.” – Shirley Blumberg, KPMB Architects

“There has been a cascade of emails and comments praising the new space, both the design and the workmanship. Everyone loves it. Huge, huge thanks to all of you for that. You guys pulled off a compressed timeline and complicated build with total grace, expertise and calm. On time, under budget, and top quality? Pinch me. I’d recommend you to anyone. You rock.” – Bryce Edwards, Olthuis Kleer Townshend LLP

“I was impressed by your ability to work on complex detailing.” – Daniel Bartman, LGA Architectural Partners

“You were fabulous to work with.” – Amanda Hancox, DTRC

“It was a pleasure to work with you…You did an amazing job.” – Alex Tedesco, LGA Architectural Partners