Why we get hired

We build on budget – really

At B&V, we know that excellence is in the details. So is good budgeting. Our meticulous bookkeeping means there are no surprises for the client at the end of the job. We know that’s important to clients because it’s important to us, too.

Our budgeting philosophy is clear-cut: billing should be a transparent and fluid process that offers clients accuracy, predictability and certainty.


We’ve created a three-step process for pre-construction budgets.

  1. The initial budget forms the basis of a conversation that the Project Team has early on to confirm general goals.
  2. The second budget incorporates design or scope changes, as well as more detailed information that may have become available. This budget often includes estimates provided by specific subtrades. Revisions may follow.
  3. This budget incorporates the final subtrade competitive tender pricing so that we have all committed costs. This budget forms a baseline for the subsequent billing and recordkeeping.

Transparency and Recordkeeping

Our monthly billing is the most transparent and comprehensive in the industry, allowing us to demonstrate where we are relative to the baseline budget at any given point.

We send out monthly invoice summaries, as well as provide a detailed worksheet that tracks each subtrade invoice, each hour worked and every supplier receipt.

In addition, we provide detailed back-up for every Application For Payment including copies of each subtrade bill and supplier receipt, as well as our own Logs tracking everything from workers’ time, equipment usage and reimbursable items.

Top 10 reasons why B&V delivers on budget. We…

  1. Create detailed documents from the outset
  2. Continually problem solve to deliver more value
  3. Regularly monitor and update the budget
  4. Track every cent spent
  5. Look for value engineering items to save money
  6. Use state-of-the-art software
  7. Believe in real-time reporting
  8. Keep track of committed costs
  9. Enlist subtrades that provide dependable pricing
  10. Prepare for every outcome and identify long lead items